What Is ‚Connection Marketing‘?

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What you can do now to thrive in the new economic system…

If this has stuck your interest it’s because we are discussing Connection Marketing.

What is Connection Marketing?

In this newsletter, I’ll move into a top level view of what Connection Marketing is, and what you may do NOW to thrive in those new monetary instances.

Connection Marketing: What is it?


My definition of ‚advertising and marketing‘ is the communication between a business and a client. A ‚client‘ is a capacity purchaser; also understand as a prospect. Any sort of communique between the commercial enterprise and the purchaser – whether or not it be through a video, through an advert, via a brochure – is what I don’t forget ‚advertising‘.


‚Connection‘ approach that the exchanges that take region, among commercial enterprise and client, accomplish that in a friendly and humane manner. The interaction is from one character to every other; NOT from a agency looking to jam something down your throat.

A quick lower back story

The business economy introduced us the television. The T.V. Allowed us to market our products and services to the masses. In order to attain the general populace, organizations had to create common services and products.

This is in the conventional marketing feel. It’s the traditional manner of doing things.

Back then, we used to shop for matters that we NEEDED. As lengthy as a organisation created a product that stuffed a NEED, that they had be capable of promote it it – traditionally – and make money. But what passed off is they started out making bland and ordinary merchandise so they could promote as many as possible to the hundreds.

The net has changed the whole lot. It has made it viable to reach the most particular corporations of people. The mass marketplace has been dissolved – we no longer buy what we NEED, we buy what we WANT. And that means that agencies can now thrive by way of growing precise products, to specific segments of the population. This is wherein connection marketing is available in.

Since humans purchase what they WANT (they already have the whole lot they NEED), we need to ask ourselves what this is. We don’t need to create something brilliant bland and uniform, and we do not ought to fear about selling a bazillion devices to common humans. All of a surprising you may make niche merchandise; very specific products, to area of interest crowds.

Quick Recap:

For the past 100 years right here’s how I’ve visible the advertising of a service or product – the ‚advertising‘. For the beyond a hundred years, it’s been:

Annoying: You ever watch a T.V. Show, and each industrial timeout you notice runs the identical ad? Whether or not it’s for Pizza Pops or Cadillac vehicles, they may be very demanding and repetitive.

Repetitive: They wish it burns into your brain, in order that while you see it, you sense pressured to buy it.

Interruptive: When you’re looking for information you visit a weblog. Within the first 2nd you are bombarded by means of pop-ups, requesting your e mail cope with in order to send you some thing high-quality. Don’t get me wrong I’m keen on that, however supply me a chance to read the headline!

Exaggerative: The pleasant instance I can use for that is when you go to a fast meals eating place. How true does that burger appearance while it is up at the billboard, or on posters? Of course while you get it, it seems NOTHING like advertised…

Here’s how I see the next one hundred years of promoting for a products or services – or the following a hundred years of ‚marketing‘:

Relevant: Because we are selling specific merchandise to specific people, all of a surprising we don’t should promote it our stuff without a doubt everywhere. Only the ones people who’ve proven an interest or may have looked at some thing like this inside the past, will see our commercials or advertising, therefore making it applicable to them.

Subtle: Imagine if you’re a person who loves books, however anywhere you look you spot advertisements for sneakers… That now not very subtle, and you’d word that right away on the grounds that it is now not very appealing to you.

Anticipated: This is specifically authentic on the subject of e-mail correspondence. Most organizations now gather e-mails (which is comprehensible). The hassle is that you get the equal 6 e-mails a day, containing promotion notices, sales, and early-hen specials whether you want them or not. Because those messages are not predicted, it’s far the MAJOR thing that makes someone determine to ‚opt-out‘. In the future, these predicted messages (additionally being applicable) will see a whole lot higher open prices. Also, someone simplest receives the statistics they agree to get hold of.

Honest: This may sound trivial, but a completely important instance is pricing an object at 49.99$. „Who are you kidding?“ „Call it like it’s miles!“ You’ll by no means see human beings at a celebration with the subsequent change: „Nice shoes… How a whole lot did you pay?“ „I paid forty nine.Ninety nine$“ Your advertising and marketing message must be from one man or woman to every other.

The excellent information is that it’s all looking up from here! Taking a take a look at the beyond a hundred years and the next a hundred years, you may see that it is looking correct.

The global is a exceptional vicinity… People need to attach.

That manner:

NO MORE paperwork

NO MORE ridiculous guidelines

NO MORE exploitation from grasping corporations

Decisions based totally on ROI are the methods of antique – No more greedy fats-cats, sporting fits, drinking scotch and smoking huge cigars making selections based totally on how a good deal cash they could squeeze from humans.

Connection Marketing encourages better values; such as honesty and integrity.

We do not have to engineer bland products to serve common human beings, nor need to we cater to a wellknown public anymore.


I absolutely believe that we can be a hit while we observe this etiquette.

Transitioning to Connection Marketing

You’re likely questioning: „How can I make the transition to connection marketing?… Will it paintings?“

Well, maximum aspects of connection advertising are very similar to those of traditional marketing…

You nonetheless have things like an online keep or internet site, you continue to use touchdown pages to gather e-mails, you still provide products and services, and of direction, you are nonetheless making a earnings!

You’re nonetheless in enterprise; you still provide cost for humans and for that you receives a commission handsomely.

It’s the METHOD by using that you deliver yourself that’s extraordinary.

It’s the appearance, the texture, the format of the net save… It’s the look, the texture, the provide of the landing web page… It’s what you do with those e-mails… It’s the product or the service that you’re offering it’s specific.

The 3 Pillars to Connection Marketing

CABBIT – An element of your imparting is splendid and worth talking about.

If you have been using down a rustic avenue and saw a cow inside the discipline, you probable would not appearance twice. But imagine it became a PURPLE cow! (referencing Seth Godin’s super e book titled Purple Cow)

You’d maximum probably prevent, take pix, add them to social media, and contact your pals and family to provide an explanation for what you noticed. That’s because a purple cow is splendid and really worth talking approximately. Whether your product already has a Cabbit, or whether or not it wishes one, it’s something you want to steer-off with. What absolutely separates you from your competition?

CONNECTION – Opening the channel of communication with your possibilities – developing a -manner communicate.

This relates to the e-mail sequences normally. Rather than bombarding human beings with unrelated, unanticipated messages, you are growing an open dialogue with clients. Imagine which you need to upgrade, update, or create a brand new product. Now imagine being able to ask your fanatics what they like/dislike approximately the contemporary model. No extra guesswork! Plus, a person might be extra willing to buy your new product understanding that they had a say in its advent. Powerful, and now not to be taken benefit of… It’s loose studies!

CONTRIBUTION – With our newfound fulfillment, we are able to aid worthwhile reasons.

I believe all of us have a want to make a contribution – amongst others. We all want to help others. We need to do first rate things collectively. What if you build contribution into your price tag fee? What in case you took a part of profits from each sale and donated it to a positive charity. Some people would love to do commercial enterprise with you merely because they’d be assisting others. You’re now not JUST doing it as a clever ploy to promote more stuff, however you WANT to do it because you’re helping others – and it’s top KARMA.

I recognize simply might also nonetheless have a few questions…

How do I know this virtually works?

Let me ask you this:

Are you uninterested in the way you are being advertised to through other corporations?

Are you tired of receiving inappropriate and unanticipated e-mails from companies?

Are you tired of being misled with the aid of best-print and exaggerated claims?

These are conventional strategies of advertising and marketing.

If you’re bored to death, possibilities are that plenty of others are too.

How do I recognise if this is a superb funding?

The truth of the problem is that conventional advertising methods are working less and less – organizations locate themselves spending more marketing money than ever, to have the equal effect they may have had inside the past.

On a day by day basis, we are bombarded through 3000-7000 commercials. We’ve grown so familiar with them, we song them out. Large organizations then motel to ‚ramping it up‘. „We’ll just be louder than ever!“ (Just observe how we now get ads in our inbox).

I agree with it is feasible to attain MORE, while spending LESS. The secret’s Connection Marketing.

What I’m suggesting is that we forestall advertising to EVERYONE even though repetitive, common advertising and we rather begin CONNECTING to precise markets – presenting absolutely exquisite alternatives.

I’m positive there are many companies headed in this direction…

Let’s begin utilizing this method as a method of promoting ‚the human connection time table‘.

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