Improve Your Blog Writing With These Simple Tricks

Improve Your Blog Writing With These Simple Tricks

Improve Your Blog Writing With These Simple Tricks

By Edward Flora

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As you already know well, blog writing is an important part of any online marketing effort. Thus, improving on the kind of content posted on your blog is a must. Here are a few ways that can help you make better blog posts.

Creating consistency

As in any content marketing, consistency is important if you want your blog to be more recognizable. Producing blog contents consistent with each other also helps build your reputation as a reliable source of information.

One good way of creating consistency in your blog posts is to come up with a style guide for these.

An editorial style guide is a great problem solver in the writing room. With a style guide, there is no need to wonder what the right way is or how things were done last time. A style guide knows. A style guide remembers. A style guide sets the rules to follow so that everyone is on the same page.
Creating a style guide is a relatively simple process. If you are well familiar with the audience, you will have a good idea the kind of content they best respond to. From there, it will be easy to pick out particular writing style choices common in these contents and compile them into a comprehensive writing guide.

Have an extensive editing process

Note that even if you have a definite blog writing style, your output still has room for improvement. Thus it would be good practice for all your content go through an extensive editing process before being posted online. Here, editing is not limited to just fixing spelling and grammatical errors, it can go as far as rewriting whole portions of the content to better deliver the intended message of the particular piece.
In most cases, you can do the editing by yourself. However, there are advantages to letting someone else handle the work for you. For one, they will be able to spot mistakes that you overlook. Independent editors are also free of the bias you yourself might have towards your work and will be able to provide you with better alternatives to improve the content. Stay away from automated grammar checkers, as while they make the work faster, these don’t offer as good a result compared to human editors.

Get feedback

The easiest ways to get feedback from your readers is through the comment box on posts. Read through all of these and you will find a lot of helpful suggestions for improvement. Interact with them to better get their pulse on your content.
Writer Michael Hyatt also points out that it is a good idea to encourage your readers to actively scrutinize your work. Ask your readers to tell what parts of your posts are confusing, uninteresting, or downright problematic. Use these comments to improve your blog writing on the particular topics they mentioned.

How Can You Make Passive Income?

How Can You Make Passive Income?

How Can You Make Passive Income?

By Jon Allo

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When people see the term „passive“ income, they often think of earning money with no work. However, nothing can be further from the truth.

The fact is, it does require work to make passive income. However, the work you do is done once, and then you keep making money later on the work you did before. It’s different from service-based work where you must do the work each time to produce income. With passive income you create something today that keeps earning money later.

Examples of Passive Income

Some examples that you may be aware of are savings accounts, investments, and real estate. All of these enable you to spend money one time, or spend some money one time, and keep earning income into infinity.

But, you can also earn passive income online today. Some examples are information products, membership websites, eCourses, and eBook sales.

The Benefits

People who want to earn money from passive income understand how trading hours for dollars can be limiting. They want to put their time and money to use one time and keep earning from those efforts. It’s the way insurance sales people have made money for years. They earn a little commission from each person that buys and keeps paying for insurance. Then the more people they sell the insurance to, the bigger and bigger their monthly income becomes. It might take a lot of work to get there, but eventually through momentum it seems like everything becomes a lot easier.

The Two Types

If you would like to earn an income via passive income, there are several ways to do so online. However, mostly you can break it down to two different ways.

Promote Other People’s Products

This is one of the fastest ways to get started. Figure out who you want to sell to, know the audience well, and then find products and solutions for them to promote. There are even membership websites where you can promote to them so that you can earn a monthly residual income that grows.

Create Your Own Products

This is another way that you can get involved with making passive income online. At first, creating the product is a lot of work, but once you get a number of affiliates promoting the product, the income will grow exponentially, month after month and year after year.

The main question now is who your audience is, and which way you’ll go. Most people actually choose both methods. They sell other people’s products, and they create their own. Most people start with selling other people’s products, then eventually create their own after they get some experience with building a list and other marketing methods.

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„Digital Marketing Certificate or Certification“ Which One’s for You?

„Digital Marketing Certificate or Certification“ Which One’s for You?

\“Digital Marketing Certificate or Certification“ Which One’s for You?

By Raj Kumar

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„Digital Marketing Certificate or Certification“ – Which one’s for you?

It is safe to say that you are seasoned or a new digital marketer thinking about what, if any advantage there is in getting a digital marketing Certification?

In the event that you have any information on digital advertising, you realize that you are continually going to look for more information and knowledge in this respect. More information, more abilities, and more approaches to show customers or managers that you can set their business apart. Adding a capability to your resume is probably the most ideal approach to do that while setting yourself up for progress.

It’s turning into a generally acknowledged truth that turning into a digital advertiser doesn’t really need a four-year degree. It’s a field where proven ability supplants four years of school-generally because of the way that lone ranger programs aren’t encouraging the particular abilities needed to turn into a digital advertiser.

Indeed, many would contend that digital advertising Certification is far and away superior to a higher education and might be the most ideal approach to exhibit that you have put time and energy into acquiring and dominating the abilities of your specialty.

What Makes a Certification Legitimate?

There have been a lot of courses, certifications and certificates that have been sold by con-artists attempting to make a snappy buck-so how can you say whether the certification you are taking a gander at is authentic?

Pose these inquiries to decide for yourself if the affirmation you are seeing will be useful to your profession:

Is it true that they are Taught by Industry Professionals?

On the off chance that individuals encouraging the courses are not proficient at doing what they are instructing, you’re burning through your time and possibly cash too. Managers need their representatives being instructed true viable information as it applies to this industry. What’s more, any acceptable advertising organization regards that and employs first class educators with a demonstrated history in the subject they are instructing.

Does It Offer Practical Knowledge?

Can you take from this certificate the abilities and information you’ve procured and afterwards apply them to this present reality? Will it show you new abilities, or upskill ones that you as of now have? You need to take a gander at how you will actually want to make an interpretation of what you realize into your vocation in digital marketing. In the event that you can and will, at that point it’s solid.

Is It Widely Accepted?

This may be more earnestly to decide, however a tad of examination can help in such manner. What are previous students saying in the wake of taking this course? Check for reviews. Tragically, not all projects are acknowledged similarly so in the event that you are taking a gander at too that seem to meet the above rules, this could be the main consideration for you.

Difference between a Certificate and a Certification?


Certification perceives that you’ve taken a progression of classes and breezed through a test on the course material. The courses can be very inside and out, covering a scope of subjects. Your certification may in certain cases just stay substantial for a set measure of time before you should recertify. Certificates can cost more since they are more inside and out than endorsements, and you may need to pay an expense to take the test.


Certificates are given toward the finish of a course, for the most part covering a solitary theme. They are frequently given for cooperation in the course and not really an impression of legitimacy. This doesn’t limit their worth on the off chance that they show you something helpful. What’s more, many are offered for nothing, so taking them requires just a venture of time. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to add them to your resume.

Real Human Voices From Text in 60 Seconds! (WHOA!)

Real Human Voices From Text in 60 Seconds! (WHOA!)
Real Human Voices From Text in 60 Seconds! (WHOA!)

Have you ever tried to create a Text to Speech (TTS) audio file, and thought, “That was easy?”
Even, ” That sounds great!”
Nope, didn’t think so.

Let’s face it — up until now creating ‘Text To Speech’ audio has been a PAIN…
And the results?
Just plain disapointing!

Sure, you could outsource your Voiceovers… and pay several hundred bucks for an “average” Voice Over… not to mention the time and hassle of going back and forth with a bunch of freelancers.

But what if there was a much easier, faster way to create Human Sounding audio in a few clicks… in MINUTES from now?!

You’re in luck, because there’s a brand new tool that’s just hit the market called Speechelo, and it’s going to make your life INFINITELY easier when it comes to creating Voice-oers from Text


„My Internet Business Success Formula For Beginners – Your Proven Path to Success in 2021“

„My Internet Business Success Formula For Beginners – Your Proven Path to Success in 2021“

My Internet Business Success Formula For Beginners – Your Proven Path to Success in 2021

By Paul Uduk

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To say it mildly, online businesses are minting millionaires in droves and this is the best time in all of human history to jump online and create wealth for you and loved ones faster than you ever thought possible. This is not utopian.

It used to take companies at least one hundred years to move from their humble beginnings to global brands. Global brands like P&G (1837), Nestle (1866), Heineken (1864) readily come to mind.

On the other hand, it took each of Microsoft (1975), Apple (1976), Amazon (1994) and Google (1998) less than 10 years to become household names.

Making it big is not limited to tech giants. Individuals are making a killing online in fields as varied and mundane as online training, physical fitness, and writing (otherwise called blogging).

Take as an example Brendon Burchard. He is an online trainer who started circa 2009. Today he has over 3 million students in over 100 countries. Hiss impact is so massive, Oprah refers to him as „One of the most successful online trainers in history.“ His networth is estimated at N22million.

Another example is Ramit Sethi. He launched his first blog in 2004 and in 2018 was featured in Fortune and Forbes simultaneously. In the same year, Forbes featured Ramit side-by-side with Warren Buffet and estimated his networth at $25m.

Making it big is not limited to the menfolk. Chalene Johnson, the global physical fitness icon, has an estimated networth of $10million, while Marie Forleo has estimated networth of $14million.

While Chalene Johnson has been a household name as a physical fitness coach for over 30 years, Marie Forleo catapulted to fame within the last 10 years aided by her Marie TV, online training, coaching and books.

The fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to make it big is to harness the power of the internet. As the internet gurus say, to succeed online, do what works. In short, do not try to reinvent the wheel.

The internet is a paradigm shift. While it has created stupendous wealth for those who master its ecosystem, it has also accelerated the gap between those who know how it works and those who don’t.

Generally, whenever there is a paradigm shift, the knowledge base is reset to zero and everyone has to learn anew. To learn fast and easy, it’s necessary to follow a proven path.

To succeed and thrive, you should follow what I dub Internet Business Success Formula For Beginners. As you know, there is order in the universe. If there were no order there would have been chaos. My Internet Business Success Formula For Beginners is a brief but powerful framework that shows you how to succeed Online. If you follow it, you’ll succeed. If you don’t, you will fail.

The formula consists of 7 steps. Here are they:

Learn day and night
Despite its seeming plug and play simplicity, the internet is a complex ecosystem. To succeed you must learn day and night because change is fast and furious, with basic algorithms changing overnight. Learning enables you to have depth and breadth and keeps you evergreen
Here is the highlight of the things you should learn. Learn:
• How the internet is evolving
• How to be visible
• How to connect with people
• How to build a list
• How to write scripts
• How to create products
• How to make your products discoverable
• How money is made online

Be Visible Off and Online
Being visible requires you increase your off and online footprints so you become known and start building credibility and gravitas. Here are the things you should do to increase your visibility:
• Develop evergreen intellectual properties (books, courses, learning guides, etc.)
• Have a home-base (website or blog)
• Have embassies (social media platforms)
• Have listening posts (mailing lists, social media platforms, podcasts)
• Have satellite towns/cities (guest posting, befriend social media influencers.)
• Stage events and develop your own platforms such as YouTube channel.
• Court the media

Build Relationships
To attract strangers, visitors, friends and former enemies into loyal customers and true fans you have to build relationships. While it makes sense to have a vast relationship base, it’s more important to build a base of true fans. Here are the things you should do to build relationships:
• Give out valuable things, like books and e-books, free
• Reach out to your other online influencers
• Extend a hand of fellowship to strangers you meet by providing advice
• Help out with specialized information wherever you can, example in forums
• Make recommendations in areas you have authority; don’t be shy
• Join people together as a connector
• Ask for help wherever you’re challenged, again don’t be shy.

Build A Mailing List
Make building your mailing list a priority so you have whom to market and sell to tomorrow. There is a raging argument online as to what comes first: mailing list on product. As a beginner don’t be distracted by these chicken and egg arguments. List and product are the two sides of the same coin: you online business. Just note that with a list you can market what you don’t have through affiliate marketing but a product with a list takes you nowhere. Also note that as a beginner you will not be able to do affiliate marketing. So build you list and pursue your product evenhandedly. Here is how to approach building your list:
• Start a mailing list from day one (at least now you know).
• Begin with the low hanging, medium hanging, and finally high hanging fruits
• Build a segmented list to enable you tailor your messages
• Employ an affordable mailing or contact management system
• Invite people personally to join your list and be persistent
• Give away valuable incentives, such as books, video lessons, etc.
• Keep at it day and night

Have Something To Offer (Create Products)
Create products to sell so you can add more value to your followers. People will follow you because you have something to offer them. When you do, you will make money but making money should not be your primary consideration. When you do it well, the money will come. Here are the things you should do:
• Equip yourself with knowledge and wisdom
• Write and refine your intellectual properties to perfection
• Develop irresistible courses, events & platforms
• Master the required technologies for production
• Master the required technologies for delivery
• Be consistent and focus on things that will last, the evergreens
• Specialize so people know what you stand for

Learn how to Market and Sell Online
Marketing and selling are the lynchpins that bring in the money. The most successful business owners online excel in marketing and selling. Invest a big percentage of what you generate into marketing to generate more sales and continue growing your business. Here are the things you should do to boost marketing and sales:
• Learn how to use marketing to grow your business
• Understand the psychology of buying and buyer behavior
• Learn how to build your business pipeline
• Learn how to build and optimize your sales funnel
• Learn how to craft sales scripts that convert visitors to customers
• Learn how to use social media for marketing
• Learn how to set up your landing pages
• Pursue selling with gusto because to sell is human but don’t be salesy

Master Strategies to Win Long Term
Succeeding on a sustainable way online is a marathon. Commit to it for the long haul. Develop insight how effort is monetized online and where money is made along the value chain. Know that Rome, as they say, was not built in a day. If you pursue online business as a sprint or one hundred meters dash, you’ll give up too soon and fail. Here are the things you should do at this point:
• Master and refine your winning game plan
• Master the four phases of online business (learning, audience, product, sales)
• Develop a long term view
• Keep keeping things evergreen
• Diversify into adjacent winning areas as you become more confident
• Develop offline assets to mitigate your online risks.
• Repeat and build on the principles of excellence

There you have them, the seven planks that constitute my Internet Business Success Formula. You may be wondering, where is technology, after all we are talking about the internet. The truth is, technology pervades all the seven steps, but technology remains what it is, an enabler. Technology enables you to scale and reach thousands online, but in the end relationships triumph. So we talk about hi-tech, hi-touch.

In the long run you must master technologies that enable you learn day and night, be visible off and online, build relationships, build a mailing list, create products, learn how to market and sell online, and master strategies to win long term.

Knowing the technical aspects or technology is important because you’re dealing with machines and technology will help you scale and automate but it’s not a paramount condition for success for a beginner.

Success online is anchored in the two magic numbers: 10,000 customer base and $10,000 monthly recurring income. You can achieve both easily if you follow the 7-Step Internet Business Success Formula I have given you in this article. Once you hit these numbers, you’re ready to leverage technology to scale. That will be the subject of another article.

Paul is the creator of iSchool, iBFC (Internet Business Foundation Course, iBMC (Internet Business Mastery Course), Content Marketing Mastery Course and BWC ( Book Writing Clinic) where he teaches how to build business online, and write books among others. The founder of Vision & Talent Training Group, he is the author of Bridges to the Customer’s Heart, dubbed The Customer Service Bible. Richmond Dayo Johnson, referred to him as „One of Nigeria’s most authentic experiential writers.“ His clients include Fortune 500 and some of Nigeria’s biggest corporations including Dangote, First Bank, and Nestoil Group (whose clients include ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, and NNPC, amongst others). Paul has been featured in The Guardian, Vanguard, and SilverBird TV. A McKinsey Executive Panel Member, he’s a Platinum Author at EzineArticles.Com with 49 articles. Paul’s E-Product Development Blueprint For Beginners published on Medium has been downloaded over 1,000 times. A trainer par excellence, overall, Paul has trained over 5,000 in his banking and consulting careers and has over 350,000 training man-hours under his belt. Paul is always happy to help executives write books, create courses, and build their expert empires. Invite Paul to speak at your retreat, strategy or quarterly review session on Winning As A Team.

„In-Person Jekyll, Social Media Hyde“

„In-Person Jekyll, Social Media Hyde“

In-Person Jekyll, Social Media Hyde

By Lonnie Pacelli

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Ahh, social media. Where from the comfort of your living room you can make your point known to millions of people. People and businesses have grown from being virtual unknowns to worldwide phenoms (think „Gangnam Style“) thanks to social media. Then there are those who fell from grace like a lead balloon (think Roseanne Barr, Anthony Weiner, or Paula Deen) because of social media. Both the rises and falls can happen swiftly and without advance warning. Sadly, it doesn’t even have to be true. Fake news travels just as fast as the truth. It just has to be tantalizing. It also doesn’t even have to go viral; a handful of viewers can see something that will alter their opinions of the person posting.

That viewer could be your current or future boss, customer, or business partner.

Before I go any further, I want to be very careful to treat this topic with respect and not take sides on any political, religious, or social issue. My goal is to shine a light on social media and how it could impact your professional livelihood, not to tell you a point of view is right or wrong.

Let’s pretend you are a businessperson who would like me as a customer. You and I have met for coffee several times and we seem to hit it off. You friend me on Facebook, wanting to get to know me better to understand how you could help solve my business problems and earn my trust in a business relationship. After we become connected on social media, I see very passionate posts from you mocking a point of view that I hold and telling people like me that we must be idiots to support such a heinous position. You then say something like, „If you believe in then unfriend me now!“ As your prospective customer, I am confused by how someone who is so nice face to face (Dr. Jekyll) can be so venomous on social media, even giving an ultimatum (Mr. Hyde). I ultimately decide to not do business with you, not because you hold a particular point of view, but because you berate others who believe something different.

In looking at the above scenario, there are a few business relationship guiding principles that seem to go out the window with many on social media:

  • Not everyone thinks the same way as you.
  • Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean the world needs to know about it.
  • When your posts are vague or generalized, you leave it up to the reader to decide what you meant, which could be quite different from what you meant to convey.
  • You can be denied a job because of questionable social media posts. According to a survey sponsored by The Manifest, 90% of employers look at potential employees‘ social media profiles and 79% have rejected a candidate based on what they found.
  • If you’re trying to sell an idea or convince people to act a certain way, you shouldn’t do it by telling them what an idiot they are.
I want to illustrate this last point. Imagine walking into a car dealer and the salesperson greets you at the door. You tell him you want to buy a car and he asks you what you’re currently driving. You take him out to your car and he proceeds to tell you how ugly the car is and what a fool you are for driving such a repulsive vehicle. Do you view this person as credible and want to buy a car from him? I’d venture to say not a chance. Yet this is what I see over and over again on social media. People rip other points of view to shreds and berate all who believe in those views, rather than simply extolling the positive benefits of their own view.

When you post on social media, keep the following five takeaways in mind:

  1. Assume everyone sees everything – I’ve heard some businesspeople with both business and personal profiles use that as license to be unfiltered on personal profiles and more restrained on business profiles. The problem is the two aren’t always mutually exclusive. There are plenty of people I know in my business life with connections on both our personal and business profiles. What I see posted on their personal profiles influences how I think about them in a professional setting. Sadly, some I admired professionally have had their credibility hurt because of what they say on personal social media profiles.
  2. Be clear on what you post and why – Personally, I love posting pictures of places we travel, experiences we have, and meals we eat. We do it largely to let friends know what’s going on with us and for some good harmless fun. We also have a happy hour review website where we post reviews of local restaurant happy hours which we’ve been told help others in the area decide where to go for happy hour. Professionally I post information about our different businesses to engage current and future customers.
  3. Knowledge is knowing what to say, wisdom is knowing when (or if) to say it – Just because you have a point of view on something doesn’t mean the world needs to know about it. I know a number of professional people who choose not to discuss their social, political, or religious views on social media. Wise move.
  4. Assume it lives forever – Platforms like Instagram have stories that disappear after a set timeframe. That won’t stop someone from taking a screenshot of the post and sharing it somewhere else. Assume anything you post will live forever and could come back to bite you.
  5. Resist posting when upset or impaired – There are plenty of examples where someone posted something only to have to apologize later for a „lapse in judgment.“ Meanwhile, the post goes viral, then the person tries to delete it in vain after it’s been screenshot and shared over and over again.
No argument that social media is a critical tool for advancing your point of view and building your business and professional platform. Just avoid being an in-person Jekyll and social media Hyde.